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Jake Schaffer

Jake Schaffer started playing guitar at age 10 shortly after seeing the rock band "Kiss" on TV. Growing up in Schenectady NY during the early 1980's he was influenced by many bands of that era. From the "Hair Bands" of the day like "Motely Crue", "Cinderella", "Dokken" & "Twisted Sister" to metal bands such as "Iron Madien", "Slayer", "Metallica" & "Megadeth".

Growing up in a house of primarily country music, Jake also gained influenced from greats like "Charile Daniels". He joined his first band "Bitches Brew" at age 15 and a few years later started his own band "EZ Action" which would later evolve into "Sin City Cowboys". After playing for years in the NY area Jake moved to Florida in late 2003. Shortly after arriving in FL he began playing Bass Guitar for several cover bands in the Daytona Beach area.

Eventually Jake would end up on the West Coast of Florida and re-joined forces with vocalist "Jimmy Starr" singer of his first band "Bitches Brew". After joining Starr's band "Zig Zag America" on Bass Guitar together they played the Tampa Bay scene for several years and in 2014 "Zig Zag America" disbanded. After moving back over to Lead Guitar he and Jimmy Starr would form what is now "Superstarr Loveshakk"

Superstarr Loveshakk


Location: 5313 Main St, New Port Richey, FL 34652
Date: 07/14/2018
Time: 8PM


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